Op-Smart an easy to install and use software system to improve profits in leading manufacturing companies.
  • It’s the ONLY system to automatically collect raw production data
  • Integrates to your business system
  • You make Smarter decisions.

Op-Smart integrates with existing systems to monitor the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished goods.  

It is the only system to collect data automatically, providing executives with accurate information they need to make the right products, at the right time, and at the lowest possible cost.

Designed by leading engineers in software and operations research, Op-Smart allows plant managers and executives to finely tune their plants for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

It is so simple to use you can literally just click the “Go Button” to initiate automated run-based data collection, real-time production reporting and key performance indicators (KPI’s). The business analytics provide valuable insight regarding process performance, product margin and strategic opportunity. And, it is cloud-based so executives can access the system from any computer, smart phone or tablet… anywhere.

It provides the competitive edge they need to win in today’s global marketplace.


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